Projects, Places To Find Me & How To Contact Me

I’m in the process of reestablishing my online presence, over the years I have created many blogs, social media accounts and other tat. Here is the official list of where I exist online.

The biggest project I am working on right now is my business in making and selling soaps and cosmetics most of my social media time goes into this, we are on twitter, tumblr, instagram, pinterest and facebook. Along with that we have a blog dedicated to skincare.

I have a twitter account, but as I talked about here, it might not exist for much longer.

I am neutralgrey on beme is the home to experiments, mostly for univestity subjects. Don’t expect anything much from it. Currently it is slightly broken.

I have a retired queer blog, it is a bit out of date.


If you want to have a chat with me or ask me a question feel free to use this web form: