Why minimalism?

Minimalism is a word I saw around but never really got what it meant. I got the living more simply part but I thought that was an unachievable or punishing process of throwing everything away and giving up stuff I like to live as a monk in a bare room.

When I was on youtube one day I saw the popular minimalism videos playlist and I thought I would watch a few videos, gain an insight into other people’s experiences. What I discovered was a more complete meaning of minimalism. It wasn’t about giving up what you like, it was about giving up the things you don’t like so you have time for the things you do. It’s about looking at everything in your life and assessing if you needed it or if it made you happy and if it didn’t then getting rid of it.

I have had a massive clutter issue for years and I just thought that it was because of a lack of storage, that if I just organised stuff better then I wouldn’t have the problems I’ve been facing. It wasn’t an issue of storage it was an issue of hoarding, I kept things because they were gifts, because I was told or believed that they would be useful later. I had my grade 6 graduation dress from 10 years ago in a closet I never even looked in.

I started clearing out my books (and a few of dad’s)books

And clothes

A massive pile of clothes that weighed about as much as a person


And yarn I was never going to use and throwing away paper work that wasn’t needed. I’m just starting my journey with minimalism and living lighter. So far the process and feeling of relief as I get rid of things that don’t make me happy and re discover things that do has been amazing and I want to document this process so I can look back and see how far I have come and I want to share concepts of achievable, Individual oriented minimalism.

Minimalism isn’t about how much you own, it’s about how you feel about everything you own.  I hesitate to call myself a minimalist. In part because I am so new to minimalism and I also don’t like the implication that it’s living a life of restriction and deprivation, but as I move through this process we will see how my feelings and life progresses with minimalism.