Imposible list

don’t know what an impossible list is? well it’s sort of like a bucket list but for your entire life and if you think you will complete it then you’re not doing it right.

There was an impossible list on the old but it was seriouslsy out of date,  so here is my new and improved list



  • Learn the dvorak layout and type in dvorak as my default way of typing (May 2015)
  • Touch type in dvorak as my default way of typing (June 2016)
  • Be at professional typist level with dvorak (80wpm with 98.25% accuracy)
  • Learn stenography
  • Type at 200wpm (be able to transcribe people speaking)


  • German A1
  • Esperanto A1
  • Spanish A1
  • Japanese A1


  • Draw a self portrait that expresses my gender accurately


  • Become MTA certified (Server Fundamentals (2015))
  • Cisco IT essentials (v. 4.1 (74.3%) in 2012 and v5 (87.1%) in 2013
  • Double Degree
  • Certificate IV in TESOL
  • Certificate IV in training and assessment
  • Become an Accredited High School Teacher

Finish a Qualification at every level of the AQF

  • Certificate I (In Information Technology 2011)
  • Certificate II (Creative Industries (Multimedia) 2011 and Nail Technology 2014)
  • Certificate III (Beauty Services 2014)
  • Certificate IV (Information Technology 2015)
  • Diploma (lvl 5)
  • Associate degree/Advanced diploma (lvl 6)
  • Bachelor’s Degree (lvl 7)
  • Graduate diploma/Graduate certificate/Bachelor honours degree (lvl 8)
  • Master’s Degree (lvl 9)
  • Doctoral Degree (lvl 10)


  • Ira Glass
  • Roman Mars
  • Adam Savage
  • Jamie Hyneman
  • CGP Grey
  • James Dodds III (@threeboy)
  • Derek Muller
  • John and Hank Green
  • Chris Hadfield
  • Dakoda McCoy (@growingdark)
  • Tom Scott (@tomscottgo)
  • Shirobon (@shirobon)


  • America
    • Chicago
    • New York
    • San Francisco
  • Canada
  • The Dead Sea
  • Travel by train across
    • Austalia
    • America
    • Japan
    • Britain
  • Follow a musician on tour


  • Become a teacher
  • Own my own spa
  • Start my own cosmetics/skincare company (Soap Lab, November 2015)
    • Get a NICNAS registration (Be able to sell soap)
    • Make the business feasible
    • Get a warehouse
    • Get first employee
    • Get a shop


  • Loan $1000 with Kiva ($175 so far)
  • Learn to skateboard
  • Get a black belt
  • Lose 20kg
  • Be a Foster Carer
  • Go snowboarding
  • Become a volunteer
  • become someone’s mentor
  • get my own mentor
  • Create my own website from scratch (2015, it’s down at the moment)
  • Make my own web app (June 2016, it’s bad but it counts)
    • Make a better web app
  • Build a game




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