hollowpetal.com is about to be reborn

So as I have hinted at over the last few months, this blog and all of it’s content created up until today has been for a subject on web publishing that I was doing with Curtin university. That is about to change.

Nothing that I wrote was fictional but I did limit the content of this blog to cover only things that related to minimalism. I will still write about minimalism but I am also going to write a bunch about other things. All the minimalism content will be categorised as such so you can just bookmark this if that’s all you want from me.

Funnily enough a lot of the original content that I created for hollowpetal.com is going to migrate to here and hollowpetal.com is most likely going to be about minimalism. For my current unit at curtin, I am going to create an interactive educational page, most likely on the topic of minimalism. It was a strong topic that I care about and I see potential for it to make a great website.

hollowpetal.com is currently really broken, I think due to some changes from getting soaplab.com.au up and running. Soon I will take all of the files down to begin this new project with a clean slate.

I have worked with javascript in the past, one of the key elements to the new hollowpetal.com page. I struggled a lot with the more complicated stuff, it didn’t help that most of it was done in one of my first online units (I do uni online) and in a group project, where someone quit part way without telling anyone. Drama is not great for education, if you didn’t know already.

So I’m going to try my best to really go at this hard core.



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