Am I not a minimalist (but I practice minimalism)

Huffpost recently published an article about the label ‘minimalist’. There is an issue that the author has found with the label and it’s also an issue that I have found. It’s a stereotype more than an accurate description. I brought this issue up on the first post on this blog:

” I hesitate to call myself a minimalist. In part because I am so new to minimalism and I also don’t like the implication that it’s living a life of restriction and deprivation,”

It’s not the only label I have an issue with. I have previously been criticised for my discomfort with the label ‘feminist’. I admit that some of that discomfort comes from feminists who spread hate about other groups. An example being Germaine Greer and the trans exclusionary content that she spreads. White feminists spreading or not acknowledging racism,  and negative stereotypes and tropes about feminists. There are plenty of arguments about why people should use the label anyway. I see myself more as an egalitarian or a human rights advocate. I support feminists like Patrick Stewart and Emma Watson who share my views. Regardless of the label they apply to themselves because the label doesn’t matter, what they say and do does.

And this extends to my view of the minimalist label. I do not call myself a minimalist, I stand with Courtney Carver, Dan Erickson and Jessica Kateryan who each have discussed minimalism misconceptions and each have promoted action over labels. I practice minimalism write in a minimalist blog. I advocate for minimalism and I love debunking myths and talking to people about making do with less. I like sorting through my drawers and deciding what I will throw out, what I will donate and what I will keep (for now). I feel relief in letting go of the burden of stuff that I don’t want. I am not as big a fan of buying less things but I am adjusting. I like Tom Scott’s idea of digitising objects by digitising their stories and the emotions and memories in the object.

I should really be okay with calling myself a minimalist. like I should be okay with calling myself a feminist but I want my actions to speak louder than words.


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